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Legit Summertime List 2016
too legit to quit…

I created this list based off some AWESOME Pinterest finds! All of these items along with some other GREAT activities are found if you follow me on my Pinterest


Check out my Summer Fun board!!

My friend Khriston sent me an awesome (super summer schedule) found here:  It’s a great tool to get you started!


I’m crushing on the fact that there are different topics for each day! Like Make it Monday and Wet & Wild Wednesday! When my kids were in summer programs they loved the different activities each day and I think this is going to replicate that!


I created a list of activities I thought my kids would love doing this summer. I put these activities in a spreadsheet so it is easy for everyone to use. There are items for M-F.


Another thing I like about this spread sheet is that you can make it your own! If you like my ideas GREAT… if not add your own and create something special for your LEGIT SUMMER!


 Click here to download The Legit Summertime List 2016 spread sheet


Legit Summertime Activities 2016

MAKE IT MONDAY: try a new recipe, craft or build something


Salt painting:
I really love that I have all the materials I need for this around the house! By the way this would be a great 4th of July craft, but you could make ANYTHING it doesn’t have to be fireworks!



candy kabob

Candy kabobs:
Okay, so pretty self-explanatory. I’m just drooling over all the cheap candy I’m going to buy @ the Dollar Tree. Cheap sweets are legit.




Butterfly feeder:
Use 4 parts water to one part sugar, and add over-ripe fruit. Bright colors will attract them. This is awesome… bring on the butterflies!




Lady bug habitat:
Fill a round pipe with bamboo, cane or scrap wood. Add raisins to lure them in.



melted crayon

Melted crayon art:
Crayons, a blow dryer and a canvas. Now I know what to do with all those broken crayons!



dessert pizza

Make dessert pizza:
Sugar cookies with frosting and candy toppings. Ooh my. You can be as creative as you like!



cacti 2

Faux cacti pot rock painting: These are so STINKING CUTE! You’ll need rocks, flower pots and paint. These would make a great gift!



bubble snake 1

Bubble snakes:
You’ll need an empty water bottle, duct tape, a sock that is missing its match, dish soap and some food coloring.



jelly worms

Squirmy Jelly Worms:
Oh so gross, but my son will love these! The link above gives some really great detailed instructions.



finger puppet 1finger puppet 2

Finger puppets:
Download and print these super cool finger puppets! All you have to do is glue and play.




Make your own popsicles:
Tons of recipes out there. I like these because the popsicles are colorful like summertime and there are only 2 ingredients needed! Pick out your family favorite.



flying fish

TP roll flying fish:
This includes step by step instructions and materials needed to make these colorful tissue paper fish. Hang them up and show them off for everyone to see!



DIY Slurpees:
Step by step to make slurpees at home! Maybe buy a couple 20oz pops just in case you don’t get it on the 1st try.



magazine art

Magazine animal art: Cardboard/poster board, scissors, glue and old magazines. Chose a smaller project so you can print out and trace an animal you like. If you really like the outcome put them in some frames and hang around your house!



TAKE A TRIP TUESDAY: movies, museum, hike, park or outing

nature scavenger hunt

Nature walk scavenger hunt: are some GREAT printable scavenger hunts above. I really love the Nature Scavenger hunt in the above picture. It lets kids create their own discoveries.




Go Geocaching:
This is a super fun activity! Download the app and find geocaches around you. It’s just like a treasure hunt.  Our family LOVED it, check out my post!



Ideas for Take a Trip Tuesday: Pick out some LEGIT places to visit that work for your family.  These are some ideas for what we can do around my home town. Obviously, each person will have different options but, these can be ideas to get you started.

  • Tucker Tower
  • Visit City Lake
  • Go for a picnic
  • Greater SW Historical Museum
  • Visit the library
  • Go to the Movies
  • Catch fireflies
  • Open bounce/Bouncehouse
  • Hiking trip
  • Lake Murray Marina
  • Fly kites
  • Regional Park
  • Skating
  • Go bowling




WET & WILD WEDNESDAY: swimming, splash pad or water activity


Squirt gun water race: Totally LEGIT summer time fun! The boys are going to love this one! Get out the water guns and have some fun.



balloon baseball

Water balloon baseball: Super easy and super fun. A great way to spend a hot afternoon! You could also add in a water balloon toss and toss the water balloons towards a target. So many ideas!



balloon pinata

Water balloon piñata: Use a funnel to fill the balloons so they fill slowly and don’t pop. String them up and START SWINGING!



pop bottle sprinkler

Pop bottle shower sprinkler: This is LEGIT! Throw it over a tree or swing set and set back and watch the fun go on for hours! You will need a male to male connection piece to make this work. It can be bought at Lowes for about $5.



Ideas for Wet & Wild Wednesday: Again these are places that we will visit in Ardmore, Ok and surrounding areas. Or items we already have at home. So, choose what works for you! Use items you already own or visit place that are free to help your wallet!

  • Turner falls
  • Sulphur Park
  • Splash pad
  • Make sandcastles at Sunset Beach
  • Water gun war
  • Crawdad catching
  • Slip & slide
  • Lake Murray Water Sports & Mini Golf
  • Go puddle jumping
  • Water balloon brawl
  • Fishing




THINKING THURSDAY: library, topic research or science experiment


Leak-proof bag: cool experiment! You most likely have everything you need around the house. As you pull all the pencils out…. It’s a water game too!



coke and mentos

Coke & Mentos experiment: Coke and Mentos geyser= LEGIT! Exciting and Educational! The link above explains why the reaction happens!



bug scavenger hunt

Bug scavenger hunt:
Print and start the hunt! Take a hike or go to the park and try to spot these animals. I’m hoping I don’t find the snake!



water movement

Water movement experiment:
I’m excited about this one
! Look at those colors. Teaches kids how water goes from the roots to the leaves.



catch butterflies

Catch butterflies and learn about them:
This website shows lots of information about butterflies. Select butterflies and get started. Scroll through the pictures to see what you caught. This is also a great source to identify any other creepy crawlies you find!



solar system

Learn about the solar system & draw them outside with sidewalk chalk: I love this source! It has printables, worksheets and facts about each planet. When they have learned the order of the planets have them draw them outside with sidewalk chalk. Ps: You can always give hints!




Egg shell geodes:
Beautiful aren’t they? I’m excited about this one!  The magic ingredient is  Alum powder you should be able to get it at Walmart.



us bingo

United States bingo: This site has the printable bingo sheets along with a great peg board you can create. You don’t have to do the peg board… just have your child draw lines to connect the states and capitals. Just download and print!




Jellyfish in a jar:
Great tutorial! Make it any color you want with food coloring! You could also have your child learn about jellyfish while they are at it. Just ask google a couple cool facts while they are making their jellies!



pen and alcohol tilespen and alcohol tiles2

Pen & Alcohol tile art: My kids are going to LOVE the fire part of this! Get glossy white tiles @ Lowes for cheap and make sure your alcohol is 91%!



lazer maze

DIY laser maze:
This looks like a good time! I wonder if they have glow in the dark streamers… That would take it up a notch! Watch out for weggies.




Learn about different types of clouds & find them: My kids don’t know much about clouds so I thought this would be a good time to learn a little! Print out the Common Cloud Types picture and try to find them.




Elephant toothpaste experiment: Detailed instructions and info on why this reaction occurred are found here. Looks pretty LEGIT!



Other ideas for Thinking Thursdays:

  • Pick a research topic, learn about it & tell others what you learned
  • Check out books from the library




FRESH & FUN FRIDAY: something new, pinterest perhaps or give back


Marble races:
Ready, Set, GO! I know my son will love this race!




Homemade lollipops: Line them up and bake! I love jolly ranchers so I’m drooling a little about these! YUMMY!



learn 50 states

Learn the 50 States: is a great interactive tool to help your kids learn their states. Sheppard’s software is a great website that your child will love! It is listed on my Kid’s Website Favorites found here



paper mache

Create paper maché insects: are LEGIT! You can get as creative as you want to with these creepy crawlies! This site breaks it into sections so your kids won’t get antsy. LOL Plus they will need time to dry between steps.



human body

Learn about the human body:
This site it LEGIT! It’s pretty entertaining for adults as well.  I would screen what your kids are looking at some of these are straight to the point. There are also free printables at the bottom of the page. I like the coloring pages!




Build a fairy garden: These are awesome! You can use anything you have around the house or find outside. Make it your own creation!



Other ideas for Fresh & Fun Fridays:

  • Volunteer @ Animal Shelter
  • Pick up litter down your street
  • Visit a Farmer’s Market
  • Family Fondue Night
  • Help a neighbor
  • Donate toys
  • Backyard campout
  • Put on a puppet show
  • Go berry picking



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